Erwin's technology helps organizations around the world grow lighter, work faster and act smarter. Our user-centered software and cloud-based solutions are designed to help organizations break down and unravel the complexity to facilitate more informed decision making in an improved business process.

  • Erwin BP developed by Casewise - Powerful modeling and business process analysis software to visualize process flows, system interactions and organizational hierarchies to highlight mature areas for innovation, improvement or reorganization.

  • Erwin EA developed by Casewise: implemented locally or through the cloud, this full-featured enterprise architecture modeling software gives business architects everything they need to plan, manage and respond to business and IT changes while It drives the digital transformation.

Data Governance

Data Governance is not only for IT. Everyone in the company is a citizen of data, which means that they must be integrated into a constant exchange of information to track the physical existence and lineage of the data, and maximize its security, quality and value. BizPro as an integrator of Erwin offers the DG solution in SaaS, which expands data governance beyond information technologies and traditional data managers, so that each stakeholder can discover, understand, govern and socialize assets of data. Creating a business data governance experience mitigates risk and improves organizational performance, responsibility and growth. Traditional data governance functionality is enhanced with role-based interfaces and integrated data modeling, business architecture and business processes to see how changes will affect business operations before they are implemented.


In a world driven by Big Data, the Internet of things, social networks and the cloud, NoSQL is essential for digital transformation. Our partner Erwin as a leader in the data modeling industry and inventor of Erwin Data Modeler (DM), developed Erwin DM NoSQL to help the client model and manage their unstructured data with the same efficiency as traditional data sources. It is the only enterprise-class data modeling solution that natively supports Couchbase Data Platform and MongoDB. As an extension of Erwin DM, it allows the display of "any information" from "anywhere" for greater use, understanding and trust throughout the company. With Erwin DM NoSQL based on SaaS, deploy new applications and migrate to the cloud quickly, while maintaining the integrity, quality and governance of your underlying data.

Business Process

The key to getting what you want is to be able to visualize it. BizPro / Erwin Business Process (BP) software models process flows, system interactions and organizational hierarchies to ensure that the elements are aligned and the main operations are optimized. Only by mapping and analyzing your company's processes can you manage them better, improve them or redesign them, in addition to ensuring that employees understand and are responsible for carrying out the processes for which they are responsible. Data governance is also based on the modeling and analysis of business processes to drive improvement, including the identification of business practices susceptible to security, compliance or other risks and the addition of controls to mitigate exposures.